Saturday, June 11, 2011

Anthony Weiner: Congressional Hotdawg Anyone?

I have been a bit slow to jump on this, in part because I've been a bit busy, and in part because I have wanted to see what might be revealed through further disclosures. Most people now are wagging their heads at this clown. Anthony Weiner has been diagnosed by non-attending shrinks as a psychopath, a pervert, and even a poor depressed victim of circumstances.

But I have a different opinion of my own, because there is a reasonable explanation that might better explain Weiner's perverted, psychopathic misbehavior. I certainly do believe that he is suffering from some form of mental illness. Of course he is, and that is why he and the other Congressmen like him are such a danger to our national security.

Now for the tough part of my analysis.

An Orthodox Rabbi named Daniel Lapin once pointed me towards a rather large body of Jewish literature that pertains to a rather numerous group of Jewish terrorist, known as Sabbatians. These are the followers of Sabbatai Zevi, who was proclaimed "Messiah" in the year 1666, and who promptly established an offending cult that morphed into terrorism. This cult had its genesis as a sex cult, pure and simple. They believed that they could destroy the gentile civilization by merely committing blasphemous sex sins of their own.

No matter how hard the Rabbis tried to stamp out this cult, it has survived to the present day. The cult is extremely clandestine, but exists within and without the Jewish community. Those pretenders who purposefully moved into the Islamic and Christian folds from the time of Sabbatai Zevi through the 19th century viewed themselves as "soldiers" who would be excused from Jewish observances. They viewed their own "conversions" as blasphemous acts of worship: the intentional blasphemy would "help" God "retrieve holy sparks" from the gentile nations. By day they pretended to be loyal Muslims and Christians, but by night they practiced their sexual orgies among themselves.

Now if you never have heard of the Sabbatian cult, don't feel alone. Preachers like John Hege have been made monkeys as they are totally ignorant of Jewish history after the early days of Christianity. And open writings about the cult did not begin to surface from within the Jewish community until about half a century ago. I will tell you that the Sabbatians apparently are banned from Israel because they are dangerous even to the Orthodox Jews.

For purposes of this writing, let me simply inform you that the Sabbatian terrorists not only helped to instigate the "reign of terror" during the French Revolution, but afterwards they also organized the Jewish Bund from which Karl Marx and organized Communism sprang. The Ottoman Sultan was not overthrown by Turks, but by a band of Sabbatians who pretended to be Turks. Likewise the Russian Czar was not murdered by Russians, but by the Sabbatian Jews who had grappled control of the Russian revolution. Lenin and Trotzky both were Sabbatian renegades. Their real surnames where Ulyanov and Bronstein. Meanwhile, here in the US all of this information has been suppressed for 100 years by an army of Jewish publishers and organizations that would tar any criticism of any Jew as some kind of anti-Semitic hate mental illness. Americans have been totally denied the freedoms of speech and of press by the Jewish community when it has come to these issues.

But one day, Rabbi Lapin stood up and told American Christians the truth about Sabbatians, thereby exposing the real source of so many rumored wrongdoings from within the Jewish community. No. We do not hate the Jews, but these are the reasons why we possess a justified fear of the Jews. There are terrorists operating from within the Jewish community, terrorists who are every bit as dangerous as those within the Muslim fold. Those Sabbatian leaders in Turkey committed genocide against 1.5 million Armenians from 1910 through 1918. Those in Russia started the killings of as many as 90 million souls. Today, Sabbatians are some of the foremost supporters of the American sexual revolution and the subsequent genocidal abortions that have murdered more than 60 million babies. They are among the first to deny Christian prayers in our public schools where every other religion on earth gets open recognition.

Today, Sabbatians from the Jewish community account for the backbone of the Radical Left, the "Progressives" and Communists. And so, whether it has been Bill Clinton or Anthony Weiner, these are the ones least phased by their sexual misdeeds. After all, they declare, "It's just sex!"

Weiner is a most Jewish name and no one denies Anthony Weiner as a Jew. But I would not paint him as a "Jew" anymore than Rabbi Lapin would. Anthony Weiner is a renegade from normal Judaism. He does not deserve to be called a "Jew." But he fits the Sabbatian mold perfectly.