Friday, October 8, 2010

The "Only" Problem With Joe Miller

During his campaign I met Joe Miller, the candidate for US Senate, who temporarily unseated Senator Lisa Murkowski in the Republican primary. Was I impressed? Yes. I liked Joe. Joe is a nice guy, but I was saddened.

I told Joe that I don't see any "nice way" to fix our country. I asked him "How can we fix this country for the benefit of our children when the very dollars in our pockets are bottomed on nothing but pure debt, and that debt is now sucking ourselves and everything we own right down into its vortex." People, I am afraid that Joe's answer was classic and that he may be nothing more than another trained mandarin of our educational system. You see, Joe gave the same answer that I would have given at his age---younger than 40--after studying economics at the same school that he came from.

Joe admitted upfront that "We have a huge problem facing us." But then he quickly shifted his face and declared that our debt can be easily fixed by merely monetizing it through intentional inflation and another 30 years of hard work on new projects in Alaska. Great words for a budding national politician. But absolute garbage to my ears, because this same monetary maneuver already has been engaged two or three times during my own lifetime.

Yes, when you monetize excessive debt through inflation it does temporarily relieve the pressure---for the young, like Joe---but only for the benefit of the elite bankers and corporatists who own this system. In reality, what Joe is ignoring, as I used to, is the harsh fact that such massive inflation is cruel and that it wipes out all of the hard work and life savings of people who spent their whole lives struggling to provide for themselves in old age. It destroys the middle class and prevents most older people from leaving inheritances for their children. This prevents the middle class from accumulating real wealth, prevents us from educating our children, and keeps the rest of us "in our place" so to speak. Ultimately, this keeps all of us securely "under the weight of the ratio"---meaning the ratio that exists between the intellectual capacity of ordinary people and the power wielded by an out-of-control Federal Government.

I have spent 28 years practicing honest law, and for what? What do I have to show for all of my hard work. Perhaps no more than you do. What do you have to show for your lifetime of hard work? Most of us have not been able to plan our lives effectively, in large part because of the government's fraudulent monetary system. And this, I declare, denies to our people their Constitutional right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." How else can you view it when the small number of elite families, who control our monetary system, can intentionally destroy all that our people have worked hard to accumulate after every 20 years? How can any of us plan and manage our own lives so long as those jackasses are allowed to do this to us? And if a citizen is not allowed to manage his own financial life effectively, and to leave an inheritance for his family after decades of hard work, then how can you call that "life, liberty the pursuit of happiness?"

And so, my answer to Joe Miller remains the same: "There is no nice way to solve our national problems and Carthage still must be destroyed." There is nothing wrong with our written Constitution. But we never will make things better for our children until the rogue regime that murdered John Kennedy, to prevent him from returning to us a gold standard, finally is brought down into the filthy dust of history. Someone needs to defend our Constitution against these domestic enemies who created the current rogue regime within our borders, and who are now forcing millions of foreign invaders on us under the guise of "undocumented immigrants."

I still say that we need regime change for these United States--a return to the Constitutional rule of law---and that another politician will be no different than Lisa Murkowski after his first 6 years of glory in the spotlight of national attention. And that, my friend, truly is a sad thing for all of us.

Beyond that, Joe really didn't have anything in his past that was worth any effort on his part to conceal. What he did have was some pride, so that when Murkowski pointed out his past incident of youthful stupidity, Miller made it all the worst by trying to prevent the public from knowing. He would have been much better off by behaving like the King of Knaves, Bill Clinton, during that man's first presidential election. He could have simply said, "Yeah I did that---stupid of me---and I learned a whole lot from the trouble that it caused me." If Miller had done that, I really doubt that Murkowski's write-in campaign could have been successful.

Sorry Joe. I like you. But your pride cost you that my opinion.