Tuesday, September 24, 2013

March For Victory In Vietnam - October 3, 1970

On October 3, 1970, I joined 150,000 other Christian Americans for a Victory In Vietnam March through Washington, D.C., headed by the Reverend Dr. Carl McIntire. The press coverage was as bigoted and prejudicial as it is now. 

I will never forget the huge formation that formed at the Mall area where we headed for one end of Pennsylvania Avenue, down that street and wound up at the Washington Monument. At the end of Pennsylvania Avenue, where we turned to the left, there was a large crowd of long-haired dirty smelling protesters with a huge sign condemning us. They were yelling vile obscenities, calling us Nazis, spitting at us and throwing not a few objects at us. I will never forget the prominence of olive skin among them, which befuddled me in those days because they seemed to be somewhat different than the rest of us. 

At about the same time, many college student protesters were losing their draft deferments and being sent to fight in Viet Nam. This was unfortunate because the number of fragging incidents increased and there were increased problems with discipline in the field. I doubt that many people then understood the connections between children of Communist Party Members, student protesters, olive skin, and belligerent draftees. According to Nathan Glazer, a Jewish Professor of Social Structure at Harvard University, who authored the book entitled, "Remembering the Answers, The Jewish Role in Student Activism," Basic Books (1970), approximately 94% of those organizing the student protest movement came from that community. This was unfortunate, given the amount of support and lives spent more recently by our country defending Israel. I recommend that you get a copy of this book and read it.

More recently, one of the former Jewish anti-war organizers, David Horowitz, published several books: "The Destructive Generation," "Radical Son," and "Politics of Bad Faith." In these books he detailed how his family was comprised of three generations of Communist Party members. Nathan Glazer also authored a book entitled, "The Social Origins of American Communism" in which he explained how the Jewish community in America has always provided the "shock troops for the Communist Party. Again, this is unfortunate. I recommend that you also get a copies of these books and read them.

And so, if you are a veteran who suffered mental anguish at the hands of protesters when you returned from serving your country, please know that most Americans supported your war, and that the protest movement came from a very small minority of our population who comprised approximately 94% of its organizers. Like the Viet Cong and NVA, they were communist Reds fighting that war right here at home. Some of us are still standing up for you, even though we still get spit at and called vile names by those trying to conceal their past.

Just to give credit where credit is due, I am posting the pictures of two such organizers. They are Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin.

Monday, September 23, 2013

So which Constitution do we defend?

Many of us have sworn to support and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign “and domestic.”  But are you aware that there is fundamental disagreement even among legal scholars as to what can be appropriately called, “Constitutional Law?”  For example, do we defend the document itself and its obvious meaning?  Or do we defend the fanciful opinions that are based upon legal fictions and the desires of political bosses?

My Constitution Law professor at Gonzaga University School of Law(Conklin), told our entire class:  "There is no such thing as Constitutional Law, only Constitutional politics.  The Constitution is nothing but a scrap of paper with words on it.  Those words mean whatever nine black-robed men say that they mean.  And they usually say that they mean whatever their political bosses want them to say that they mean."  So, I ask you, do we defend the piece of paper? Or do we defend the men who decided to add to it without any legislative authority?  Take for instance,  "the right to privacy" that was written into the Constitution where it is never mentioned.  Why? Well, the justices wanted to craft an excuse for allowing the killing of babies.  Yes they engaged in legal fiction  solely so they could justify the killing of 65 million babies since 1973 Roe vs. Wade.   Why?  Well, you cannot have a sex revolution if its participants would be inconvenienced by “unwanted” babies to support and care for.  A baby needs a family, and the sex revolution was destroying family ties.   But much more importantly the sex revolution was intended to create social chaos.  This was because if you have a population of people with chaotic lives, you have a population that will pay little attention, and will care less about what is being done to them by the government.   Yes, babies needed to die in order to facilitate a sex revolution that was needed to destabilize the American people with social chaos----so that we could more easily be robbed and subjugated by tyrants during the ensuing sex party.

Now you may enjoy your sex revolt, but if nine judges can legalize the merciless killings of 65 million innocent babies, they can just as easily approve the killing of anyone else, for any reason they might dream up.  Imagine a decision that says it is okay to kill old people because medical care is too wasteful.  Imagine the right to kill handicapped people for the same reason.  All of these things were done in Nazi Germany, and we already have acknowledged that fascism has taken over the U.S.   The right to kill unborn babies can be extended by the same guys to allow Muslims to behead born-again Christians----or anyone else who they want to target.   Why?  Because the Supreme Court justices have been fictionalizing our Constitution for so long that most people have come to erroneously assume that they are supposed to be writing lies about what the “piece of paper” means.

So, which “Constitution do we defend,  and when do we start defending it?  We talk about guns being confiscated, but it was the SEX REVOLUTION that created the very social mix that has been producing many, if not most, of the mass killings.   So think about it.  The Supreme Court created the very situation that now is being touted as good reason for confiscating guns from loyal, law abiding citizens.   But we DID NOT DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION WHEN THEY DID THAT.  Now, in time, I think the same gang of nine will get around to writing into the constitution whatever justification they find handy to outlaw your guns.
So I ask you.  Which Constitution?   And,  when will it be defended?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


 I was somewhat surprised when I first learned that President Obama was replacing Leon Panetta by appointing General David Petraeus as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.  The General obviously is qualified for the job, yet I never thought that Obama would choose an American Army General for anything but retirement.  At first I wondered, has there been a silent coup d’etat at the White House?  In reality, I simply did not know much about the General’s background, or I would have immediately known that it was business as usual.

Now I never would fault General Petraeus as a soldier.  He is as good as any Roman Consul ever was after the Roman Republic collapsed and became just another corrupt Imperial regime. Petraeus is hard nosed, determined, skilled as a soldier and totally loyal to those whom he now serves.  In his mind, the General may make no distinction between serving the interests of our monied elites and those of the common people who have been stripped of their wealth and freedoms by those same elites.  This is because his orientation was developed early in his career, he is very focused on success, and he perhaps has never stopped to compare our current system with those of Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.  He merely has been on track to accept life and his career as it has been handed to him.  Nevertheless, I persist in comparing him with a Roman consul, because that description best fits him today.

General Petraeus probably never noticed that he was groomed to serve those who now rule America.  As a young West Point graduate he could not have helped but attract the attention of powerful people—he was near the top of his class.  By graduating in 1974, Petraeus missed the opportunity to become an early combat veteran.  He entered the Army when our forces were in disarray and when they still were shocked by defeat in Viet Nam.  When Petraeus finally moved on to enhance his education with graduate degrees, he did so by attending the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University.

 Now the mind-set at Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs is about as far left as anyone could want to be.  The school is not famous for producing conservative talk-show hosts;  instead, it turns out cookie-cutter Mandarins that normally spend their entire careers serving the interests of our internationally minded financial elites.   In short, the Woodrow Wilson school is all about one-world government at the expense of American liberty and personal freedoms.

Americans instinctively trust our military to be “conservative” politically.   But any civilian tyrant would understand that and know to advance military officers who can be trusted by the capital cabal.  Those who are not trusted get “retired”,  as was General Stanley McCrystal, as was General Douglas MacArthur, and as was General George Patton.    These men, America’s most able soldiers,  were fired because they questioned politicians.  But others, like Generals  Alexander Haig and David Petraeus are examples of those who were groomed by political handlers to advance into power for the benefit of the economic elites—not for the common people. Our military is controlled by such men for the most part.  Why else don't our generals come to our aid when most decent Americans now yearn for outright rebellion against Washington?

       So don’t expect the good General Petraeus to rush to defend our freedoms against the elite domestic enemies of our people who now lord it over us.   He looks like a mere Imperial mandarin to me----a modern day Roman Consul----who could just as easily place his boot on our necks to suit his political bosses.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Anthony Weiner: Congressional Hotdawg Anyone?

I have been a bit slow to jump on this, in part because I've been a bit busy, and in part because I have wanted to see what might be revealed through further disclosures. Most people now are wagging their heads at this clown. Anthony Weiner has been diagnosed by non-attending shrinks as a psychopath, a pervert, and even a poor depressed victim of circumstances.

But I have a different opinion of my own, because there is a reasonable explanation that might better explain Weiner's perverted, psychopathic misbehavior. I certainly do believe that he is suffering from some form of mental illness. Of course he is, and that is why he and the other Congressmen like him are such a danger to our national security.

Now for the tough part of my analysis.

An Orthodox Rabbi named Daniel Lapin once pointed me towards a rather large body of Jewish literature that pertains to a rather numerous group of Jewish terrorist, known as Sabbatians. These are the followers of Sabbatai Zevi, who was proclaimed "Messiah" in the year 1666, and who promptly established an offending cult that morphed into terrorism. This cult had its genesis as a sex cult, pure and simple. They believed that they could destroy the gentile civilization by merely committing blasphemous sex sins of their own.

No matter how hard the Rabbis tried to stamp out this cult, it has survived to the present day. The cult is extremely clandestine, but exists within and without the Jewish community. Those pretenders who purposefully moved into the Islamic and Christian folds from the time of Sabbatai Zevi through the 19th century viewed themselves as "soldiers" who would be excused from Jewish observances. They viewed their own "conversions" as blasphemous acts of worship: the intentional blasphemy would "help" God "retrieve holy sparks" from the gentile nations. By day they pretended to be loyal Muslims and Christians, but by night they practiced their sexual orgies among themselves.

Now if you never have heard of the Sabbatian cult, don't feel alone. Preachers like John Hege have been made monkeys as they are totally ignorant of Jewish history after the early days of Christianity. And open writings about the cult did not begin to surface from within the Jewish community until about half a century ago. I will tell you that the Sabbatians apparently are banned from Israel because they are dangerous even to the Orthodox Jews.

For purposes of this writing, let me simply inform you that the Sabbatian terrorists not only helped to instigate the "reign of terror" during the French Revolution, but afterwards they also organized the Jewish Bund from which Karl Marx and organized Communism sprang. The Ottoman Sultan was not overthrown by Turks, but by a band of Sabbatians who pretended to be Turks. Likewise the Russian Czar was not murdered by Russians, but by the Sabbatian Jews who had grappled control of the Russian revolution. Lenin and Trotzky both were Sabbatian renegades. Their real surnames where Ulyanov and Bronstein. Meanwhile, here in the US all of this information has been suppressed for 100 years by an army of Jewish publishers and organizations that would tar any criticism of any Jew as some kind of anti-Semitic hate mental illness. Americans have been totally denied the freedoms of speech and of press by the Jewish community when it has come to these issues.

But one day, Rabbi Lapin stood up and told American Christians the truth about Sabbatians, thereby exposing the real source of so many rumored wrongdoings from within the Jewish community. No. We do not hate the Jews, but these are the reasons why we possess a justified fear of the Jews. There are terrorists operating from within the Jewish community, terrorists who are every bit as dangerous as those within the Muslim fold. Those Sabbatian leaders in Turkey committed genocide against 1.5 million Armenians from 1910 through 1918. Those in Russia started the killings of as many as 90 million souls. Today, Sabbatians are some of the foremost supporters of the American sexual revolution and the subsequent genocidal abortions that have murdered more than 60 million babies. They are among the first to deny Christian prayers in our public schools where every other religion on earth gets open recognition.

Today, Sabbatians from the Jewish community account for the backbone of the Radical Left, the "Progressives" and Communists. And so, whether it has been Bill Clinton or Anthony Weiner, these are the ones least phased by their sexual misdeeds. After all, they declare, "It's just sex!"

Weiner is a most Jewish name and no one denies Anthony Weiner as a Jew. But I would not paint him as a "Jew" anymore than Rabbi Lapin would. Anthony Weiner is a renegade from normal Judaism. He does not deserve to be called a "Jew." But he fits the Sabbatian mold perfectly.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The "Only" Problem With Joe Miller

During his campaign I met Joe Miller, the candidate for US Senate, who temporarily unseated Senator Lisa Murkowski in the Republican primary. Was I impressed? Yes. I liked Joe. Joe is a nice guy, but I was saddened.

I told Joe that I don't see any "nice way" to fix our country. I asked him "How can we fix this country for the benefit of our children when the very dollars in our pockets are bottomed on nothing but pure debt, and that debt is now sucking ourselves and everything we own right down into its vortex." People, I am afraid that Joe's answer was classic and that he may be nothing more than another trained mandarin of our educational system. You see, Joe gave the same answer that I would have given at his age---younger than 40--after studying economics at the same school that he came from.

Joe admitted upfront that "We have a huge problem facing us." But then he quickly shifted his face and declared that our debt can be easily fixed by merely monetizing it through intentional inflation and another 30 years of hard work on new projects in Alaska. Great words for a budding national politician. But absolute garbage to my ears, because this same monetary maneuver already has been engaged two or three times during my own lifetime.

Yes, when you monetize excessive debt through inflation it does temporarily relieve the pressure---for the young, like Joe---but only for the benefit of the elite bankers and corporatists who own this system. In reality, what Joe is ignoring, as I used to, is the harsh fact that such massive inflation is cruel and that it wipes out all of the hard work and life savings of people who spent their whole lives struggling to provide for themselves in old age. It destroys the middle class and prevents most older people from leaving inheritances for their children. This prevents the middle class from accumulating real wealth, prevents us from educating our children, and keeps the rest of us "in our place" so to speak. Ultimately, this keeps all of us securely "under the weight of the ratio"---meaning the ratio that exists between the intellectual capacity of ordinary people and the power wielded by an out-of-control Federal Government.

I have spent 28 years practicing honest law, and for what? What do I have to show for all of my hard work. Perhaps no more than you do. What do you have to show for your lifetime of hard work? Most of us have not been able to plan our lives effectively, in large part because of the government's fraudulent monetary system. And this, I declare, denies to our people their Constitutional right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." How else can you view it when the small number of elite families, who control our monetary system, can intentionally destroy all that our people have worked hard to accumulate after every 20 years? How can any of us plan and manage our own lives so long as those jackasses are allowed to do this to us? And if a citizen is not allowed to manage his own financial life effectively, and to leave an inheritance for his family after decades of hard work, then how can you call that "life, liberty the pursuit of happiness?"

And so, my answer to Joe Miller remains the same: "There is no nice way to solve our national problems and Carthage still must be destroyed." There is nothing wrong with our written Constitution. But we never will make things better for our children until the rogue regime that murdered John Kennedy, to prevent him from returning to us a gold standard, finally is brought down into the filthy dust of history. Someone needs to defend our Constitution against these domestic enemies who created the current rogue regime within our borders, and who are now forcing millions of foreign invaders on us under the guise of "undocumented immigrants."

I still say that we need regime change for these United States--a return to the Constitutional rule of law---and that another politician will be no different than Lisa Murkowski after his first 6 years of glory in the spotlight of national attention. And that, my friend, truly is a sad thing for all of us.

Beyond that, Joe really didn't have anything in his past that was worth any effort on his part to conceal. What he did have was some pride, so that when Murkowski pointed out his past incident of youthful stupidity, Miller made it all the worst by trying to prevent the public from knowing. He would have been much better off by behaving like the King of Knaves, Bill Clinton, during that man's first presidential election. He could have simply said, "Yeah I did that---stupid of me---and I learned a whole lot from the trouble that it caused me." If Miller had done that, I really doubt that Murkowski's write-in campaign could have been successful.

Sorry Joe. I like you. But your pride cost you that election....in my opinion.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Understanding Jews

Christians are no different than any other group in society. Some of us are not nice people. There are bad eggs in just about every church. It is rare that any church has perfect people. In fact, maybe someone will show me such a church some day.

The same can be said of all people around the world: every nation, every race, every culture, every religion. There is not a single people on the face of our planet that at some points in history has not served as either the unjust aggressor or the innocent victim of another people.

Today in the Middle East, this unpleasant side of human nature is thrust upon us as never before. We have had images of the atrocities burned into our consciousness for the last half century. But does that mean that everyone in those countries are bad people? Of course not! This reality is obvious to all.

But there are other realities that we have great difficulty acknowledging. Being confronted with truth that violates a personal sense of reality can cause anyone to recoil in shock and indignation. But true reality is a fact of existence whether one accepts it or not.

History records many tragedies that have resulted from people's false senses of realities. Occasionally there have been those who became our heroes because they dared to contest false realities. Because Columbus was willing to do that, we now know that the world isn't flat after all. Failing to seek true reality can have equally ugly consequences. One of those can be national destruction. Let us now return to our discussion of evildoers that exist in every society.

Most folks have no problem accepting the reality that "evil-doers exist in every society." We freely discuss the Muslim problem. We openly discuss Christian problems. But there is one huge and totally irrational exception. Most of us consider it some form of moral turpitude to speak critically of a "Jew" and react indignantly if we suspect that this is the speaker's intent. This is because most of us are extremely afraid to be labeled with the stigma that sticks from that awful tag called "anti-Semitism." But can you even define that word? Maybe not. Let's see.

There are 240 million Semites in the world. But only 14 million are Jews. The other 226 million are Arabs. So what is "anti-Semitism? Why do we shrink in absolute fear at the mere thought of speaking critically about evil-doers from the tiniest minority of Semites? I will refrain from discussing the possible origins of this strange social neurosis. It is enough for you to see and hopefully recognize that it exists as some form of unjustifiable social taboo.

This truth is axiomatic: if every people on our planet has its fair share of dangerous extremists, then there are no exceptions. Even the Jews have a fair share of bad eggs in their carton. Some of those bad eggs are worse than others. None are any worse than those in other cartons around the world. We've just been unreasonably afraid to open the Jewish carton and check on its condition. Maybe it is time to open that carton and take a look at the eggs in it.

Several years after beginning my decade of research, I became shocked by the realization that there were so many "Jewish" personalities involved. This fact challenged my own private sense of reality. I was raised by a Fundamental Baptist preacher who taught me to have the utmost respect for Jews. This is because God loves them, too, and He has a special purpose for them being on this planet.
Nevertheless, I was beset by the very obvious fact that I needed to strain to find any significant non-Jewish communist philosophers who have written major dialectics in the last 100 years. Furthermore, when I studied Freud and Reich, two notable jews, I was stunned by the absolute hatred and contempt that both of those men had toward Christians. "What did we ever do to them?" I asked myself.

I was aware that there had been pogroms in Europe and that Hitler had killed six million Jews. But Hitler wasn't a Christian and he also sent eight million Christians to the gas chambers. Max Dimont, a Jewish historian, pointed out emphatically that 1.4 Christians got gassed for every Jew.

Furthermore, so much of what was written by men like Freud and Reich was aimed directly at America and at Christians here. America rescued the Jews in World War II. Christians in Europe were sent to death camps after being caught helping Jews escape to America. "What did Americans ever do to deserve what these jewish revolutionaries have done to us?" I had to ask myself. So, I began searching for the reasons.

That was when I happened to discover a new book just released by Rabbi Daniel Lapin, entitled, "AMERICA'S REAL WAR." I quickly ordered a copy of the book and read it. That prompted me to telephone the Rabbi from my office. I didn't drop my big question right away. I didn't need to. I simply told the Rabbi how I had appreciated his book and that I was reading the Frankfurt School. His remarks were quick.

"You know that those men were connected with the Illuminati, don't you?" he asked.
I told him that I never had seen any such thing and asked if he could document it. He replied that it was well documented in a book by Rabbi Marvin Antelman, entitled, "TO ELIMINATE THE OPIATE," a rare out-of-print book.

I soon found several copies of Rabbi Antelman's book online and bought two, one for me and the other for my research partner. It turned out to be highly detailed with extensive footnotes. I followed down all of those footnotes and the reasons "why" soon came into sharp focus.

But to my grief, the gravity of the knowledge gained became terribly burdensome to bear. The more I learned, the heavier that load got. The truth was obvious. But I knew that most Christians would recoil in shock and indignation if told the truth. They would tend to get mad at the messenger, go into denial and never bother to read any of the authorities for themselves. Yes, I had acquired tremendous knowledge about latter-day Jews, but what could I do with such volatile knowledge and not have it blow up in my face?

Eventually, the day came when I visited Rabbi Lapin's home and talked with him at great length. To my surprise, the Rabbi declared, "I can't understand why Christians aren't concerned about their situation. If they don't wake up, they are going to wind up fighting from trenches to save their own lives!"

I explained to the Rabbi that the average Christian pastor knows little to nothing about the history of his people after the first century A.D. I told the Rabbi that when it came to the history of Jews over the last 600 years, Christian pastors where blind men leading the blind. I told him that in my opinion Christian pastors had absolutely NO knowledge that the Sabbatian movement ever existed, or that the sect still is active today. The Rabbi stared at me in utter silence, although not in disbelief. Then he spoke.

"Tell me," the Rabbi asked. "What do you think those people are?"

"I think that they are renegades from the Jewish community," I answered with some discomfort, knowing that Orthodox Jews do not want to regard Sabbatians as Jews at all, even though Sabbatians regard themselves as such and reside in the Jewish community. To my great relief, the Rabbi responded politely.

"I like that," he said. "Renegades. That is what they are and I think I may use that word on my radio show."

I left the Rabbi's house that day convinced of his friendship. The Rabbi was a God-fearing Jew and he had touched my heart. In my own way, as we parted, I even asked the Rabbi to pray that God would protect me from any of Satan's efforts to harm me. I could find no guile in the man, and I was sure that God would listen to this God-fearing Rabbi. God had led me to him and given me some knowledge that other Christians could benefit from.

Now, after some of my essays have been slowly presented for public digestion, I am sure that many of you have questions of your own. Surely some are asking the same question, "Why?" Others may be concerned that my critical essays even mention the Jews.

But please take note. God-fearing Jews are not our problem. Our problem is the same as the problem faced by those Jews: the renegades who have forsaken God to seek their kingdom on terms of their own by spreading falsehoods that have adversely affected us as Christians. The Sabbatians have not supported Israel and even have sent funds to support the terrorists who attack Israel. Sabbatians regard Israel merely as a doomsday "raft nation" to be used as a last resort. Sabbatians support a One-World government to replace all nations. They believe that this would better solve the so-called "Jewish problem." Everyone would have the same "citizenship" and no one would be in exile.

Obviously, Jews are not the only ones supporting One-World government. So are a lot of gentiles. So let's not paint with any broad brush.

The much bigger problem that we face is Christian ignorance. That was the real problem bemoaned by Rabbi Lapin during my visit when he said that he couldn't understand why Christians weren't concerned.

Christians aren't concerned because they cannot tell the difference between "jews" and "Jews."

The Rabbi's greatest fear seems to be that if Christians ever do realize their predicament, and then associate it with the general Jewish community, they "might
decide that Jews are no longer good for America."

Personally, I believe that even the Rabbi seems to be underestimating the kindness of American Christians. But after what happened to Jews at the hands of Nazi Germany, can we blame him for worrying about it?

Accordingly, I have observed that Rabbi Lapin seems to be encouraging his people to be "more Jewish" so as to distinguish themselves from the renegades. Rabbi Lapin also is reaching out to form bonds with American Christians in order to help us restore traditional Christian America. His organization is called, "Toward Tradition." It supports cooperation between Jews and Christians to restore traditional moral values that we all have inherited from the same God. What a wonderful idea! Even a fundamental Baptist ought to be able to support that.
But I believe that Rabbi Lapin also understands that most American Christians will continue drifting aimlessly into national defeat unless they become better informed about their actual situation. This is why he has been speaking to Christians now for at least a decade. Rabbi Lapin wants intelligent, educated Christians making intelligent, educated decisions.

Hopefully many of you now will better understand why my material has been presented as it has. You men of God certainly know your Bible, but I hope you will see at least some value in my material, too. I believe that the full scope of all that I have discovered could even start a new search of the prophetic books.

To conclude, I wish to give Rabbi Lapin a word at the end of this message. Please keep in mind what I have told you in this letter as you read his communication below.
See Below:
----- Original Message ----- From: Toward Tradition/Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Sent: Tuesday, November 08, 2005 3:05 PM

"NEW YORK - Institutionalized Christianity in the U.S. has grown so extremist that it poses a tangible danger to the principle of separation of church and state and threatens to undermine the religious tolerance that characterizes the country, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, Abraham Foxman, warned in his address to the League's national commission, meeting in New York City over the weekend." (Haaretz Newspaper, Israel.)

We Jews aren't chic any longer. Not too many people care for Jews these days. Europe, including England, makes little secret of how it feels towards Jews. If possible, they care even less for Israel. All Moslem countries, more than a billion angry people frequently at one another's necks, are magically unified over hatred for Jews and resentment over that little patch of sand in the Middle East which Jews turned into a country. Much of Africa and most of Russia feels the same way. Hate the Jews.

It is very challenging for a small group of people to survive with no friends.
But wait! There is one group of people who unconditionally love Jews and the Land of Israel. These people are called Christian conservatives. They are made up of Catholics, and Protestants, Baptists and Lutherans and many others. Although theologies differ widely, they all share a deep conviction that God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai. They all fervently believe that in so doing, God presented humanity with a blueprint for life. Needless to say, these views should be shared by every Jew committed to his faith.

Yes, I know that some may have their own reasons for their friendship. However I ask you to remember that Jewish morality dictates we judge others by their actions not by what we believe lies in their hearts. Sometimes I am not too sure of what lies in my own heart, let alone in the hearts of others. We leave God to peer into other's motivations and we are called to judge other people by how they act. And the overwhelming majority of Christian conservatives in America act with astounding goodness, generosity, and friendship.

A common understanding of the Bible, its promises and its directions, lies at the foundation of the special friendship the Christian Right has for Jews. Most Jews are profoundly grateful to have such faithful friends during a period when events are echoing frightening times of the past.

It is a remarkable thing, this friendship. Very different theologies, very different histories and backgrounds, and even different visions of the future, yet a shared recollection of our Biblical past assures the present in an atmosphere of trust and amity.

Into this delicate relationship strides an extremist demagogue whose intemperate denunciations this past weekend threaten to destroy friendships between Jews and Christians.

The director of the ADL, one of the large Jewish organizations in America, attacked Christianity as an intolerable threat to religious tolerance. He denounced several famous Evangelical organizations by name accusing them of wishing to implement their Christian worldview. He demonized Christians and assured his audience that "they intend to Christianize all aspects of American life and their vision of America is far different from ours." (Just imagine what would happen to a Christian leader talking thus about Jews!)

Mr. Foxman has yet to apologize for how wrong were his dire predictions of what Mel Gibson's Passion would bring in its wake. Yet off he goes again defaming the only people left on the face of the planet who actually love Jews.

There is one reliable rule that most people learn in grade school: If you consistently bully your friends and treat them disrespectfully, pretty soon you won't have any friends left.

Leaving aside the fascinating analysis of the pathology that makes a Jew alienate our best and only friends, maybe the attack itself needs to be refuted.
The ADL has been attacking Christianity now for over ten years. It began with an embarrassing book the ADL published in 1994—The Religious Right: The Assault on Tolerance & Pluralism in America. It has never let up. Given the ADL's obsessive preoccupation with Christians, anyone would think that on their way home from church every Sunday, most Christians engage in robbing and raping, mugging and murdering any Jews reckless enough to be out on the streets. Is it possible that this organization, originally founded to protect Jews, cannot find any greater threat to Judaism than America's conservative Christians. Or is it possibly the threat they legitimately pose to secular liberalism that really bothers the ADL? If so, why pose as a Jewish organization? It would be more honest to identify as an activist arm of the Democratic Party.

This may be a good time for me to expose the five slanderous lies surrounding America's most misunderstood movement:

1) The Christian Right wishes to impose a theocracy on America.
A hint for those of you out there planning on imposing a theocracy: In order to succeed, you would first need to subvert the entire United States Constitution. A word to the rest of you worried about a theocracy, if the Constitution goes, you have far bigger problems than a theocracy.

Who really does have a record of forcing their values down the throats of everyone else? Over the past forty years life in America has been made indescribably more squalid, expensive, and dangerous. Mocking moral standards and vulgarizing the culture has brought to any teenager's ears the throbbing rhythms and hideously violent lyrics that would have brought a blush to the face of a convict in 1960. Back then, a family lived an enviable middle-class lifestyle on one salary. Today, high taxes, regulatory costs, and feminist propaganda have forced mothers into the workplace. Abolishing the Biblical idea of people being capable of evil, crime is now understood in terms of social problems. The result is a sharply diminished sense of safety and security. Forget city parks at night; we worry about children surviving a day at the local public school with its metal detectors and ludicrously unarmed guards. So who has more successfully forced its values down our throats? I think the record speaks for itself.

For Christian leaders to encourage conservative Americans of faith to vote for like-minded candidates is of course no different from Jewish leaders ardently having encouraged all Jews to vote for the Gore-Lieberman ticket in 2000 because "Joe is a Jew." Secularism is as much a belief system as is Christianity and secularists who work to elect secularists shouldn't complain when Christians try to elect Christians to public office. There is a good old-fashioned word for this activity and it is not theocracy. It is democracy. Every group in America practices it. Christians should be able to do so too without being demonized by a Jewish organization.

2) The Christian right believes all who disagree with them are going to hell.
Even if some believe this, so what? Does our Constitution guarantee freedom of belief only to secularists? I am always amused by those who are most indignant that some Christians have this belief but are themselves secularists who firmly announce their disbelief in heaven or hell in the first place. Why should they care if someone else believes they are going somewhere they don't believe exists? Go figure.

For me personally, it bothers me not at all that many of my Christian friends believe I am headed to hell. Frankly I am deeply grateful to be living among such wonderful Christian neighbors who do absolutely nothing to accelerate my arrival there. Does the phrase "Spanish Inquisition" mean anything to you?

For most Christians I know, it is not so much a belief as it is a genuine concern for my spiritual future. I appreciate that concern amidst ongoing friendship and generosity to me though I remain a firmly committed Orthodox Jew. It was not always so for Jews in other countries during the past two thousand years.

Israel's safety belt is undoubtedly America's Bible belt and I am sure that America has provided history's safest and longest lasting haven for Jews, not in spite of, but precisely because of her deep Christian conviction.

Christian belief, no matter how difficult for non-Christians to accept, poses no threat to anyone. On the contrary, it has turned out to be the source of blessing for all who cherish the freedom and tranquility of the United States of America. The same George Washington who wrote "May the children of the stock of Abraham who dwell in this land continue to merit and enjoy the goodwill of the other inhabitants" was a George Washington who was a deeply religious and very conservative Christian.

One way for the descendants of Abraham to merit the goodwill of our Christian neighbors would be to stop Jewish organizations from endlessly insulting and attacking our friends.

3) Christian conservatives are anti-Semitic and racist.

This might be a good opportunity for me to point out the sheer evil of accusing someone of an undefined crime. You see, with no definition of the crime, it is impossible for the accused to defend himself. Think about it for a moment. Do you know the definition of anti-Semitism? See, it isn't so simple. Is it hurting Jews or their property? That doesn't need the term anti-Semitism; it is already a crime called assault or vandalism. And in any event, is that really what they are accusing Christian conservatives of doing? I think not.
Does ant-Semitism mean harboring a dislike for Jews in one's heart? Do we really want to criminalize thought? What about the old liberal disdain for "thought police?"

I do believe it might be time already for some Jewish leaders to abandon their Sharpton-tactics and graciously shelve the term anti-Semitism. It has become nothing but a bludgeon to silence dissent and cause resentment. When Jewish leaders accuse good and decent Christians of anti-Semitism because they oppose wholesale abortion and homosexual marriage, it is more of an indictment of the Jews hurling the epithet than it is of the victims.

The problem is that many Jews, having abandoned the faith of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, have embraced the alternative faith of secular liberalism. In do doing, they adopt the misleading equation that Judaism=Liberalism. Believing that the values of Judaism have nothing to do with the clearly expressed wishes of God in the Torah, they mistakenly assume that the values of Judaism are congruent with those of secular liberalism. Thus anyone who loathes the values of secular liberalism surely must hate the values of Judaism since they are the same. Therefore, any conservative is, by definition, an anti-Semite.

It thus becomes the holy duty of organizations like the ADL, originally formed to fight bigotry and anti-Semitism, to fight religious conservatives. This is tiresome, anachronistic, and just plain wrong. This is an error with potentially tragic consequences and it should stop.

I can only tell you that I regularly deliver speeches to audiences, often of thousands, for the very organizations listed by the ADL in its latest anti-Christian diatribe. I do so as an Orthodox Jewish rabbi and on the dais I wear the same black yarmulke I wore during my Torah studies in yeshiva. I talk of the same Biblical values I was taught in that yeshiva. After the speech I frequently enjoy a dinner brought by the organizers with considerable trouble and expense from a kosher restaurant, often from another city. I am received with enthusiasm and genuine warmth. If this be anti-Semitism, my grandfather in Europe would surely have welcomed it.

Oh, did I mention that many of the pastors making up the Christian Right are themselves black Americans? Of course, to many of the racial demagogues on the Secular Left, any black who becomes a conservative has renounced his blackness. I am accustomed to this because a representative of the Jewish Federation of a large west coast city recently told a friend of mine that "Rabbi Lapin isn't a real Jew because he is friends with those Christians." I estimate that at least ten percent of most every audience I address is African American. The charge that the Christian Right is racist is made exclusively by people whose antagonism is exceeded only by their ignorance.

4) Christian conservatives are poor, uneducated, and easy to command.

This allegation was first made by Washington Post journalist Michael Weisskopf in a front page story on February 1st, 1993. In reality, average annual income for Christian conservatives is well above the national average. Furthermore, the average net worth of conservative Christian families rockets ahead of the national average especially when corrected for age and income. This shouldn't surprise anyone because the values of thrift and industry that build net worth are among the values encouraged by Biblical faith. Finally, the bountiful generosity in the form of charitable donations made by America's religious conservatives in any year exceeds the gross domestic product of many nation members of the United Nations.
Most of the nation's hundreds of Christian colleges, with their rigorous academic standards, routinely outperform state universities. Christian home schoolers win the national spelling bees year after year. In a 2003 article entitled God on the Quad, the Boston Globe described how well Christian Evangelical students are doing on New England's liberal elite university campuses.

As for easy to command, well Evangelical judicial nominee Harriet Miers was forced to withdraw her nomination precisely because America's religious conservatives are not easy to command.

5) The Christian right is anti-Scientific.

This charge emerges from secular America's docile homage to the doctrines of Darwin. Wise and educated people today realize that the borderline between cutting-edge science and religious belief is fuzzy. One need only examine the work of cosmologist Stephen Hawking, British scientific philosopher Antony Flew, or Israeli physicist Gerald Schroeder to hear the language of theology. Only propagandists and ideologues think that Darwin ended the discussion.

The truth is that two incompatible beliefs can account for mankind's presence on the planet. The first is that God created us in His image and placed us here. The second is that through a lengthy process of unaided materialistic evolution, primitive protoplasm became Bach, Beethoven, and the Beatles.

Many scientists, including the 40% who are religious according to a University of Georgia study cited by the New York Times in February of this year, accept the first view. Many scientists accept the second view and some scientists await further evidence. The issue is hardly cut and dried because a great deal of modern science flows as much from scientific philosophy as it does from laboratory experiment. This is particularly true of non-replicable science such as that dealing with cosmology and origin of the universe questions.

This leaves only one question: Are secular liberals or Christian conservatives more dogmatic and closed-minded? To any fair-minded person, the answer is startlingly simple. It would be tough to find a single Christian high school, college, or university in the nation that does not treat Darwinian evolution seriously. However, it would be even tougher to find a single public high school or secular university that grants a respectful hearing to intelligent design, let alone a religious view of creation.

It is also only on secular campuses that truth is frequently suppressed in the interests of political correctness.

If science means being open to all ideas, judging those ideas on the basis of evidence rather than belief, and withholding judgment in the absence of evidence, there can be no doubt at all. Christian conservatives are far less anti-Scientific than others.

In conclusion, I am sure that the ADL's Mr. Foxman cares for the Jewish people as much as I do. It is just that he has a radically different way of expressing it. To me, his frequent anti-Christian outbursts are incomprehensible and I am sure they jeopardize the future of Jews in America and ultimately, Jews everywhere. He, no doubt thinks much the same about my views.

In a spirit of respect for both him and for the traditional Jewish commitment to the truth and to open discussion that I am sure we share, I invite Mr. Foxman to a public debate on this topic. Let us debate one another in order to determine the direction for the future. Does Jewish survival lie with a fervent secularism that ceaselessly snaps at the heels of Christian America or does it lie within political alliance with those people who stand firm for the values God imparted to the Jews at the foot of Mount Sinai just over three thousand years ago. One way is right and the other is wrong. Which is it? A debate could help expose the true answer. C'mon Mr. Foxman, let's do it.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, an Orthodox Rabbi in Seattle, Washington, is author of Thou Shall Prosper, America's Real War and Buried Treasure ,is President of Toward Tradition and hosts his own television and radio shows.

Toward Tradition is America's leading bridge-builder between Jewish and Christian communities; spanning the divide between Christians and Jews by sculpting ancient solutions to modern problems in areas of family, faith, and fortune. Visit us on the web at: www.towardtradition.org

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Why Bankruptcy Is Honorable


That said, let's see why filing Bankruptcy is honorable:

By definition, "Slavery" exists anytime one person owns the fruit of another person's FUTURE labor. An "indentured servant" is a slave who has been deprived of freedom by reason of debt. The indentured servant must work for the master, or surrender the fruits of labor, until his debt is paid. Credit cards and mortgages give rich bankers ownership of the debtor's future labor. This means that most AMERICAN people are SLAVES of bankers who they never even see.

100 years ago, only two percent of our people had mortgages on their homes and lands. Today, only two percent do not have mortgages and the average family must decide between paying credit cards and buying food. 100 years ago, America was FREE. Today, America is a nation of debt SLAVES who still think that they are "free." So, what happened?

In 1913, the Federal Reserve Bank was granted an exclusive franchise to dominate our entire economy. The Federal Reserve Bank is no more owned by our government than is FEDERAL EXPRESS. Both are privately owned business enterprises. The stock ownership of "Federal Reserve Bank" is legally held by a half-dozen of the largest banks in America. However controlling interests in those banks is in turn owned by a half-dozen very rich, old American families, and the British-Israeli Rothschild family. Ultimately, those families possess total control of our economy and the financing of our government. All government tax receipts are deposited to their benefit in their bank. They direct the lending of this money throughout our economy and all profit flows to them. Because of this great money power, these families must be pleased by anyone with political aspirations. Without their blessing, candidates simply will be made to fail. This is the third central bank ever granted an exclusive franchise by the federal government. The other two were thrown out of this country in 1811 and 1836, after the owners began using their money power to manipulate elections and the affairs of state.

The first central bank, the Bank of the United States, was established after our Revolutionary war. But it was owned by British interests and was thrown out in 1811. The British invaded our country the next year, and that was the War of 1812. The British army left in 1814, after we agreed to a new central bank franchise. This time the "United States Bank" was owned ostensibly by Nicholas Biddle. But soon the American people realized again that they were being robbed by the wealthy elites and their British friends, and that the bankers were using their money power to manipulate elections and the affairs of state.

When President Andrew Jackson terminated this second bank, the United States Bank, in 1836, he expressly warned the American people that they never again should allow the American financial elite class to establish another central bank that would control the nation's money supply. President Jackson expressly warned that such control over the nation's money gives bankers the ability to manipulate the entire economy to their sole advantage. Jackson warned that if any such private bank would be given exclusive control over our country’s money supply, then it would possess the means for manipulating everything from wages and prices to the outcomes of our national elections. Jackson warned that this class already had demonstrated its utter contempt for the freedoms of the American people and that it would use its money to enslave us if ever given the chance again. This is what has happened to our country.

During the American Civil War, an infamous circular was distributed among bankers in the north by a banker named Hazzard. It said,
“Slavery is likely to be abolished by the war power and chattel slavery destroyed. This I and my European friends are in favor of; for slavery is but the owning of labor and carries with it the care of the laborer, while the European plan, led on by England, is capital control of labor by controlling wages. This can be done by controlling the money. The debt, that capitalists will see is to be made out of the war, must be used as a measure to control the volume of money. To accomplish this the bonds must be used as a banking basis. We are now waiting for the Secretary of the Treasury to make his recommendation to Congress. It will not do to allow the greenback (as it is called) to circulate as money any length of time, for we cannot control it.” (Emphasis added.)

This notorious circular infuriated white citizens who got possession of it. They rightly perceived that these men intended to enslave not only blacks but whites as well, and to do it through a system of slavery.

Today, the Federal Reserve Notes are not “greenbacks” because they are not backed by “green ink alone,” as were the old United States Notes that were used from the time of Andrew Jackson until 1913. The Federal Reserve Notes that are issued by the Federal Reserve Bank are promissory notes that are bottomed on debt----since they are secured by “U. S. Government Securities” or “T-Bills” that the Treasury department hands to the Fed bank as collateral for our “national debt.” This is the same system that was promoted by banker Hazzard.

Two generations after President Jackson warned America not to trust our elite class, agents of elite bankers surrounded President Woodrow Wilson in 1913 and reportedly blackmailed him by threatening sexual scandal. The result was a third central bank charter and what we now call the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK. Woodrow Wilson's health later broke with mental implications after he was reportedly heard admitting that HE HAD DESTROYED HIS OWN GOVERNMENT. As a result, the Rothschild and other families who still own this bank after nearly 100 years, have been manipulating our economy ever since.

It perhaps is an impossibility to bottom an entire monetary system on debt and not force the entire population of citizens into its grasping vortex. Seemingly this is what has resulted.

After being fleeced with excessive debt for nearly 100 years, America has gone from being the wealthiest free people on earth, to being the world's biggest debtor nation---an entire nation of indentured servants who owe all to the British House of Rothschild and to a half-dozen Brahman east-coast families. 100 years ago, only two percent of Americans owed any mortgages on their homes or lands. Now there are not two percent of our people who are not saddled with mortgages to the Federal Reserve subsidiary banks. The average American family now must choose between paying their credit cards and buying food. The bankers now confiscate almost all of our fruit, but we slaves still must feed and house themselves.

What happened? FRAUD ON OUR PEOPLE---that is what I believe has happened!

THE ECONOMY IS RIGGED! Over the decades our economy has been restructured by the rich so as to force middle-class citizens into debt. The Federal Reserve Bank has controlled the value of our wages while their corporate allies have raised the costs of everything we need. This has squeezed our people. Now, every time you think you are about to get ahead, the Federal Reserve Bank ups the interest rates and back you go again. By the time you pay for a car it is wearing out and back you go again. By the time you refinance to a lower interest rate, the same men raise the cost of your gasoline and heating fuel, and back you go again. The bankers also own the insurance industry, so when your wife gets pregnant and you take her to the hospital, you get wiped out again. The way I see it, the whole economy has been rigged by bankers and corporate Czars for their benefit alone.

This no longer is a land of the free and our government no longer is one of the people, by the people or even for the people. Everything of real value is owned and controlled by the rich who can pay for votes in Congress. We have been reduced to nothing but slaves to earn profits for the rich. You never will get ahead so long as bankers can own most of your future labor. You are a slave and you still must feed, clothe and house yourself. Even the black slaves in the Old South where treated better than that, where many even were regarded as members of the owner's household.

In June, 1963, President John F. Kennedy tried to free the American people from this slavery. That was when President Kennedy issued an Executive Order, No.11110, that required the Secretary of the Treasury to begin issuing large denomination Silver Certificates, Gold Certificates and United States Notes in $5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollar bills. The former were to be backed by silver and gold. The latter, United States Notes, were to be real "greenbacks" just like the ones our government issued from the time Andrew Jackson sent the second bunch of central banking scoundrels packing back to England, until Woodrow Wilson got us skewered by the Federal Reserve mobsters. This was to put the Federal Reserve Bank out of business and to get our country out of debt. Eight months later, Kennedy was apparently was murdered by the Central Intelligence Agency: See DVD sets produced by the HISTORY CHANNEL, entitled, "THE MEN WHO MURDERED KENNEDY" which is available online from HISTORY CHANNEL or from any good bookstore.

After Kennedy was murdered, these "powers that be" kept our nation destabilized and in violent chaos for 10 years. A sex revolution was orchestrated that still makes "families" a thing of the past in America. Again, social chaos was the object. If the population consists mostly of people with chaotic lives, then the people will care less what a government is doing to them. Besides, slaves have no need for "family." Lineage, legacy and inheritance---those are things only for FREE people. Slaves only need to work! Only now are the real facts about the Kennedy murders becoming known. Many of the families still in national power today were up to their eyebrows in those assassinations nearly 50 years ago, and they now own the rest of us as slaves on "their" national plantation! We all "PICK COTTON" for the rich. Again, see the DVD sets produced by the HISTORY CHANNEL, entitled, "THE MEN WHO MURDERED KENNEDY" which is available online from HISTORY CHANNEL or from any good bookstore.

While enticing Americans to engage in destructive sex practices, our people began being “squeezed” in the marketplace by higher corporate prices for goods and services. Then, our country was flooded with "plastic money" credit cards so that the short-waged people felt compelled to used them. This effectively forced our entire nation into indentured slavery.

Most Americans have handled their finances as responsibly as possible given their circumstances. Yet most of us have been trapped by overwhelming debt. By definition America is a nation not of the “free and the brave” but of the “indentured slave.” Great and small. Rich and poor. Most Americans are indentured slaves.

Good men died face down in mud to give all of us the right to live as free citizens. Why should any of us feel guilty for filing bankruptcy in order to live free of slavery?

"Our" Congressmen gave the bankers what they wanted several years ago when they passed the Bankruptcy Reform law. I was a Republican all of my life until this new law was passed. Now, I am neither Republican nor Democrat, but a Pedestrian. The new Bankruptcy law has tripled the cost of bankruptcy even for the poorest of debtors. It also unfairly places attorneys at risk when they take on any bankruptcy case. This is why so many lawyers now refuse to help poor people file bankruptcies. They are afraid to help people. The Gestapo is looming. It would be nice to know how much the bankers paid Congressmen for passing the new Bankruptcy law.

"Our" Congressmen were concerned about the health of lifeless corporations, but not about the health of the families who elected them. They supported huge monopolistic corporate cartels while ignoring the Anti-Trust law that prohibits such corporate power. They allow the Money Power to raise interest rates on credit cards to 30% at will, and even to charge the new rate retroactively for many months just because a person's payment arrives one day late. But what about the "Truth In Lending Law" that prohibits such practices? Why has Congress allowed legalized Corporate LOAN SHARKING?

I personally confronted Alaska Congressman Don Young in an airport about the affects of the new Bankruptcy law on our poorest people. His response: "They ought to pay their bills." I also asked him why he failed and refused to respond to my letter about family values. He looked away from me and growled, "Don't talk to me about family values, I have a goooood family."

Even though Americans were betrayed by "our" elected officials, there still is some opportunity to get free from debt through bankruptcy. It now is far more expensive than before, but bankruptcy still is possible for those who qualify under the new law. And even the extra cost is tiny compared to the interest that most people are paying to their blood-sucking slave owners at the banks and credit card companies. Why pay 34% interest when you can keep that money and put new shoes on your children? Consulting with a bankruptcy lawyer will enable you to find out if you still will be allowed to get out of slavery by filing bankruptcy. If it is legal for you to do this, then why not cut the shackles from your ankles and wrists and be free?

There is NO HONOR in being the SLAVE. Freedom is yours--paid for with the blood of our fathers in WWII. Merely reach out and accept it.

SO, if your debt is overwhelming, REBEL TODAY! Overthrow the EVIL EMPIRE by filing for bankruptcy! Give yourself a new birth of freedom and start feeding your children like the Americans that they are! BE FREE TODAY!

Copyright©Marvin H. Clark, Jr. 2008