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Why Bankruptcy Is Honorable


That said, let's see why filing Bankruptcy is honorable:

By definition, "Slavery" exists anytime one person owns the fruit of another person's FUTURE labor. An "indentured servant" is a slave who has been deprived of freedom by reason of debt. The indentured servant must work for the master, or surrender the fruits of labor, until his debt is paid. Credit cards and mortgages give rich bankers ownership of the debtor's future labor. This means that most AMERICAN people are SLAVES of bankers who they never even see.

100 years ago, only two percent of our people had mortgages on their homes and lands. Today, only two percent do not have mortgages and the average family must decide between paying credit cards and buying food. 100 years ago, America was FREE. Today, America is a nation of debt SLAVES who still think that they are "free." So, what happened?

In 1913, the Federal Reserve Bank was granted an exclusive franchise to dominate our entire economy. The Federal Reserve Bank is no more owned by our government than is FEDERAL EXPRESS. Both are privately owned business enterprises. The stock ownership of "Federal Reserve Bank" is legally held by a half-dozen of the largest banks in America. However controlling interests in those banks is in turn owned by a half-dozen very rich, old American families, and the British-Israeli Rothschild family. Ultimately, those families possess total control of our economy and the financing of our government. All government tax receipts are deposited to their benefit in their bank. They direct the lending of this money throughout our economy and all profit flows to them. Because of this great money power, these families must be pleased by anyone with political aspirations. Without their blessing, candidates simply will be made to fail. This is the third central bank ever granted an exclusive franchise by the federal government. The other two were thrown out of this country in 1811 and 1836, after the owners began using their money power to manipulate elections and the affairs of state.

The first central bank, the Bank of the United States, was established after our Revolutionary war. But it was owned by British interests and was thrown out in 1811. The British invaded our country the next year, and that was the War of 1812. The British army left in 1814, after we agreed to a new central bank franchise. This time the "United States Bank" was owned ostensibly by Nicholas Biddle. But soon the American people realized again that they were being robbed by the wealthy elites and their British friends, and that the bankers were using their money power to manipulate elections and the affairs of state.

When President Andrew Jackson terminated this second bank, the United States Bank, in 1836, he expressly warned the American people that they never again should allow the American financial elite class to establish another central bank that would control the nation's money supply. President Jackson expressly warned that such control over the nation's money gives bankers the ability to manipulate the entire economy to their sole advantage. Jackson warned that if any such private bank would be given exclusive control over our country’s money supply, then it would possess the means for manipulating everything from wages and prices to the outcomes of our national elections. Jackson warned that this class already had demonstrated its utter contempt for the freedoms of the American people and that it would use its money to enslave us if ever given the chance again. This is what has happened to our country.

During the American Civil War, an infamous circular was distributed among bankers in the north by a banker named Hazzard. It said,
“Slavery is likely to be abolished by the war power and chattel slavery destroyed. This I and my European friends are in favor of; for slavery is but the owning of labor and carries with it the care of the laborer, while the European plan, led on by England, is capital control of labor by controlling wages. This can be done by controlling the money. The debt, that capitalists will see is to be made out of the war, must be used as a measure to control the volume of money. To accomplish this the bonds must be used as a banking basis. We are now waiting for the Secretary of the Treasury to make his recommendation to Congress. It will not do to allow the greenback (as it is called) to circulate as money any length of time, for we cannot control it.” (Emphasis added.)

This notorious circular infuriated white citizens who got possession of it. They rightly perceived that these men intended to enslave not only blacks but whites as well, and to do it through a system of slavery.

Today, the Federal Reserve Notes are not “greenbacks” because they are not backed by “green ink alone,” as were the old United States Notes that were used from the time of Andrew Jackson until 1913. The Federal Reserve Notes that are issued by the Federal Reserve Bank are promissory notes that are bottomed on debt----since they are secured by “U. S. Government Securities” or “T-Bills” that the Treasury department hands to the Fed bank as collateral for our “national debt.” This is the same system that was promoted by banker Hazzard.

Two generations after President Jackson warned America not to trust our elite class, agents of elite bankers surrounded President Woodrow Wilson in 1913 and reportedly blackmailed him by threatening sexual scandal. The result was a third central bank charter and what we now call the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK. Woodrow Wilson's health later broke with mental implications after he was reportedly heard admitting that HE HAD DESTROYED HIS OWN GOVERNMENT. As a result, the Rothschild and other families who still own this bank after nearly 100 years, have been manipulating our economy ever since.

It perhaps is an impossibility to bottom an entire monetary system on debt and not force the entire population of citizens into its grasping vortex. Seemingly this is what has resulted.

After being fleeced with excessive debt for nearly 100 years, America has gone from being the wealthiest free people on earth, to being the world's biggest debtor nation---an entire nation of indentured servants who owe all to the British House of Rothschild and to a half-dozen Brahman east-coast families. 100 years ago, only two percent of Americans owed any mortgages on their homes or lands. Now there are not two percent of our people who are not saddled with mortgages to the Federal Reserve subsidiary banks. The average American family now must choose between paying their credit cards and buying food. The bankers now confiscate almost all of our fruit, but we slaves still must feed and house themselves.

What happened? FRAUD ON OUR PEOPLE---that is what I believe has happened!

THE ECONOMY IS RIGGED! Over the decades our economy has been restructured by the rich so as to force middle-class citizens into debt. The Federal Reserve Bank has controlled the value of our wages while their corporate allies have raised the costs of everything we need. This has squeezed our people. Now, every time you think you are about to get ahead, the Federal Reserve Bank ups the interest rates and back you go again. By the time you pay for a car it is wearing out and back you go again. By the time you refinance to a lower interest rate, the same men raise the cost of your gasoline and heating fuel, and back you go again. The bankers also own the insurance industry, so when your wife gets pregnant and you take her to the hospital, you get wiped out again. The way I see it, the whole economy has been rigged by bankers and corporate Czars for their benefit alone.

This no longer is a land of the free and our government no longer is one of the people, by the people or even for the people. Everything of real value is owned and controlled by the rich who can pay for votes in Congress. We have been reduced to nothing but slaves to earn profits for the rich. You never will get ahead so long as bankers can own most of your future labor. You are a slave and you still must feed, clothe and house yourself. Even the black slaves in the Old South where treated better than that, where many even were regarded as members of the owner's household.

In June, 1963, President John F. Kennedy tried to free the American people from this slavery. That was when President Kennedy issued an Executive Order, No.11110, that required the Secretary of the Treasury to begin issuing large denomination Silver Certificates, Gold Certificates and United States Notes in $5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollar bills. The former were to be backed by silver and gold. The latter, United States Notes, were to be real "greenbacks" just like the ones our government issued from the time Andrew Jackson sent the second bunch of central banking scoundrels packing back to England, until Woodrow Wilson got us skewered by the Federal Reserve mobsters. This was to put the Federal Reserve Bank out of business and to get our country out of debt. Eight months later, Kennedy was apparently was murdered by the Central Intelligence Agency: See DVD sets produced by the HISTORY CHANNEL, entitled, "THE MEN WHO MURDERED KENNEDY" which is available online from HISTORY CHANNEL or from any good bookstore.

After Kennedy was murdered, these "powers that be" kept our nation destabilized and in violent chaos for 10 years. A sex revolution was orchestrated that still makes "families" a thing of the past in America. Again, social chaos was the object. If the population consists mostly of people with chaotic lives, then the people will care less what a government is doing to them. Besides, slaves have no need for "family." Lineage, legacy and inheritance---those are things only for FREE people. Slaves only need to work! Only now are the real facts about the Kennedy murders becoming known. Many of the families still in national power today were up to their eyebrows in those assassinations nearly 50 years ago, and they now own the rest of us as slaves on "their" national plantation! We all "PICK COTTON" for the rich. Again, see the DVD sets produced by the HISTORY CHANNEL, entitled, "THE MEN WHO MURDERED KENNEDY" which is available online from HISTORY CHANNEL or from any good bookstore.

While enticing Americans to engage in destructive sex practices, our people began being “squeezed” in the marketplace by higher corporate prices for goods and services. Then, our country was flooded with "plastic money" credit cards so that the short-waged people felt compelled to used them. This effectively forced our entire nation into indentured slavery.

Most Americans have handled their finances as responsibly as possible given their circumstances. Yet most of us have been trapped by overwhelming debt. By definition America is a nation not of the “free and the brave” but of the “indentured slave.” Great and small. Rich and poor. Most Americans are indentured slaves.

Good men died face down in mud to give all of us the right to live as free citizens. Why should any of us feel guilty for filing bankruptcy in order to live free of slavery?

"Our" Congressmen gave the bankers what they wanted several years ago when they passed the Bankruptcy Reform law. I was a Republican all of my life until this new law was passed. Now, I am neither Republican nor Democrat, but a Pedestrian. The new Bankruptcy law has tripled the cost of bankruptcy even for the poorest of debtors. It also unfairly places attorneys at risk when they take on any bankruptcy case. This is why so many lawyers now refuse to help poor people file bankruptcies. They are afraid to help people. The Gestapo is looming. It would be nice to know how much the bankers paid Congressmen for passing the new Bankruptcy law.

"Our" Congressmen were concerned about the health of lifeless corporations, but not about the health of the families who elected them. They supported huge monopolistic corporate cartels while ignoring the Anti-Trust law that prohibits such corporate power. They allow the Money Power to raise interest rates on credit cards to 30% at will, and even to charge the new rate retroactively for many months just because a person's payment arrives one day late. But what about the "Truth In Lending Law" that prohibits such practices? Why has Congress allowed legalized Corporate LOAN SHARKING?

I personally confronted Alaska Congressman Don Young in an airport about the affects of the new Bankruptcy law on our poorest people. His response: "They ought to pay their bills." I also asked him why he failed and refused to respond to my letter about family values. He looked away from me and growled, "Don't talk to me about family values, I have a goooood family."

Even though Americans were betrayed by "our" elected officials, there still is some opportunity to get free from debt through bankruptcy. It now is far more expensive than before, but bankruptcy still is possible for those who qualify under the new law. And even the extra cost is tiny compared to the interest that most people are paying to their blood-sucking slave owners at the banks and credit card companies. Why pay 34% interest when you can keep that money and put new shoes on your children? Consulting with a bankruptcy lawyer will enable you to find out if you still will be allowed to get out of slavery by filing bankruptcy. If it is legal for you to do this, then why not cut the shackles from your ankles and wrists and be free?

There is NO HONOR in being the SLAVE. Freedom is yours--paid for with the blood of our fathers in WWII. Merely reach out and accept it.

SO, if your debt is overwhelming, REBEL TODAY! Overthrow the EVIL EMPIRE by filing for bankruptcy! Give yourself a new birth of freedom and start feeding your children like the Americans that they are! BE FREE TODAY!

Copyright©Marvin H. Clark, Jr. 2008


Anybody who thinks we still have "free enterprise" in America doesn't know what that term means. Most Americans assume that we have free enteprise merely because there are lots of big corporations selling us products. But that isn't free enterprise. In fact, America currently is dominated by corporate "monopoly capitalism" which is an antithesis of free enterprise. In other places, such an economic system has had other names: "corporate fuedalism," "Fascism," "Communism," etc. All of these systems involve capitalism, but it is monopoly capitalism----not free enterprise.

Monopoly still is illegal in this country, but anti-trust laws have become unenforced. The argument would be that Target, Fred Meyer, Wal-Mart, etc. all "compete" so that is free enterprise. But in reality they all are owned by the same people at the top. So who cares if five stores all "compete" when the same person owns them. That person has a monopoly and the competition is fictitious. Things are more complex than that of course. But through their corporate structures and bank financial arrangements, ownership of such enterprises in America is quite limited. Cabala's may be an "independent" enterprise, but if the bank owns most of the equity in that business, and has financed it big so that it alone can survive, then there is monopoly going on. The banker is the real party in interest.

In America today, if you would flip open the lids of all major corporations, you would see that almost all of the corporate board members in them sit on 5 or 6 other such boards, so that there is an inter-locking grid of corporate directors controlling virtually all of our corporate infrastructure. This means that at the top, about 3000 people have their names on everything worth owning. If there were diverse ownership of corporations, such a situation could not develop. Members of the board are elected by the majority stockholders. Such a massive interlocking grid of corporate directors can develop only if the same people always have the controlling interest in each corporation. And of course, that interlocking grid of directors allows price-fixing with impunity.

Then when you survey America today, you see the same, identical box stores in every city, town and village across our land. Those identical box stores now monopoize most of the retail busiess in America. And why are they always the same stores? Because the same monopolists own them. Those people have driven mom and pop out of their shops, and mom and pop now are forced to be greeters in the door of "da massa's" big store up "at dat house on da hill." Now we are all slaves of every color, and those who own us milk us for all that we are worth.

The only group with enough money to accomplish such massive corporate control in America would be the same families who also own control of the Federal Reserve Banks. So those families not only control the supply of money in our pockets, but they dictate how much we all are going to pay for everything we need. This isn't just a "company town," it is a "company nation." This is a national plantation with slaves of all colors.

Control of our money supply gave the banking class an endless supply of money that has been used to buy control of all of our country and us as well. This is what President Andrew Jackson warned Americans about in 1836, after he threw out the second group of central bank scammers in our nation's history. Yes, we already have had two hard experiences with the corrupt banking class, and now we have let it happen a third time.

After President Jackson saved the United States from monied tyranny the second time, it took our country only two generations to forget his words and the pain that we already had twice suffered. That banking class waited two generations and then came right back in through the door and set up shop a third time. This time nobody was looking until it was too late to stop the robbery without fighting them. John Kennedy issued an executive order in June, 1963, directing the Secretary of Treasury to once again start printing the old United States Notes(the real "greenback"), and large denomination Gold and Silver Certificates to the extent of those metals in Ft. Knox. This would have effectively destroyed the Federal Reserve Bank. Six months later he was dead.

The History Channel has correctly documented Kennedy's murder as a CIA and Secret Service operation. The editors also commented that such an operation could not have been carried out without the support of major banking and corporate leadership in America. Kennedy tried to stop the fraud and save our freedom, but they murdered him in short order.

Two months after Kennedy was gunned down, the Beatles were introduced and it has been one musical sex band after another. Our people have been distracted by the big toot that corporate America foisted upon us----while the bankers have been hurriedly picking our pockets. Now we are total debt slaves at almost every level of society. The criminal class now is running the "collection industry" for the bankers, and these have grabbed our people by the hair of their heads. We are being ruthlessly trashed as a nation. Sooner or later, our people will know exactly what it is that they should do about it, too.


The government could shut off porn, etc in two seconds if it really cared about public mental/social health. But the social chaos generated is preferred, because then fewer people care what the government is doing to them. Can you pay for a carton of milk without having your mind sexually assaulted at the check-out stand? what about the children at that check-out stand. It isn't just the poo-poo in your "pooter", we are swimming in it! Judicial fraud allowed a 50 year toot, and 55 million murdered babies facilitate it, too. Social chaos has been the object, theft of our wealth by slight of hand has been the ultimate goal. Distract the people with sex and lift out wallets at the same time. Think about it. People who can't contol their labito usually won't control their wallets either. People who are actively promiscuous, almost never want to be bothered about Conservative political issues. People who are busy being single parents, or worrying about cheaing spouses, or their kids on drugs, or non-paid child support, rarely cause any problem for the tyrants who busy themselves with financial fraud in high places.

I applaud ANYONE with courage for saying something openly. Almost all of us have double personalities. We have the public personality that we use for survival in a hostile environment. This is the "sweetie-pie" presentation that we use everyday to prove that we are politically correct.

But then there is the normally repressed private self that often rages like a mad-man in secret. We know that it is insanity for our society and government to proceed in its current direction, but we ruthlessly suppress all indications of this secret passenger within.

The truth is that over the last year I have privately interviewed more than 1000 Americans, from every walk of life and from every State in the Union. NOT ONE OF THEM HAS INDICATED ANY continuing belief that we still have a free country, and half of them have blurted out indications that they would view civil war as a real relief for the nation. But publicly, we all keep our mouths shut because we have been cowed into cowardice by a national psych-operation that was intended for that purpose.

In every totalitarian system, the people have had their history stolen from them, their future is a lie, and they are expected by those in charge to merely keep quiet and exist in silence.

I was married for 14 years to a well-educated Russian. Three months into America, she suddenly blurted out, " You know, it is strange. There is more Communism in this country than we ever had in the Soviet Union. Yet everyone seems to think that it is normal." This "tip" launched my curiousity.

Today, I am married to a Ukrainian school teacher, who, not surprisingly, informed her mother in Ukraine, "Moma, they still have Communism in this country!"

My own research has revealed something a bit different, but perhaps more ominous. The tyrants have erected a Nazi-style corporate economic infrastructure that does closely resemble the communist system. A commune and a corporation are essentially identical organizations with different names. But the men behind all of this control our people with "Critical Theory," a blend of philosophies from Marx, Frued, De Sade, Nietzsche, Wilhelm Reich, and a few others. In other word, they don't control us with guns, they do it with our own genitals.

So, how should we Americans treat our own domestic tyranny? Well, I don't see any virtue in cowardice.


People, I am tired after honestly practicing law for 28 years, and what is there to show for my efforts? About ten years ago, I realized that all of my clients were human beings. I had no government or corporate clients. My clients were ordinary people. All of my income depended upon how much money THEY had in their pockets. And suddenly it occurred to me that they didn't have much money either. Yet America supposedly was a wealthy country. So where was all of the wealth going? It sure wasn't going into legal services for common people.

As an economist, it took only a little reflection for me to understand the reason for lack of funds on Main Street. As government has grown bigger, and monopoly capitalism has taken hold, there is a select class in our midst that does have a whole lot more to spend than normal people. Those are the folks who work for government and bigger corporations with some kind of coercive market power. Government and coercive corporations suck tremendous amounts of money out of our pockets every day---far more than they ever need. Those institutions then reward THEIR employees with a little of that money by giving them wall-to-wall health care, paid vacations and sick leave, life-long pensions, and the list goes on. They do this to reward those employees for helping them rob the rest of us. They take from us and give to theirs what the rest of us can no longer afford for ourselves. And so, after 28 years of being an honest lawyer, I see high school graduates enjoying all of the fruits of labor that was performed by the rest of us, even though some of us spent 20 years in school preparing to enter our fields.

Every economist knows that monopolies charge a lot more for their products and provide far fewer benefits for the population at large. In some respect, monopolies are more efficient, but mostly in that they merely maximize profits at the expense of their customers. This is one of the problems with monopoly capitalism.

At the other end of monopoly capitalism, there are the big box stores that deprive mom & pop shops of any livelihood. Wal-Mart buys a $0.15 item from Chinese slave factories and sells it to us for $15.00. And their employees stand during their staff meetings and chant such facts as if THEY were responsible for that profit. And the employees of such stores usually are paid barely enough to subsist on, usually without other benefits. I know---I have rescued a few of them from possible suicides when they needed bankruptcy to get away from vicious goons at collection firms. But these monopoly box stores merely suck up most of what is left in our pockets after their more powerful affiliates with coercive market power already have nearly drained us dry. These put ordinary small businesses onto bankruptcy and their former owners now must stand humiliated as "greeters" at the very same store that destroyed their lifetimes of hard, honest work.

Monopoly Capitalism is NOT free enterprise. It is corporate feudalism and it is the ABSOLUTE enemy of free enterprise. It destroys free enterprise----totally destroys it. Free enterprise supports an intelligent middle class in society that is an absolute necessity for any free society. Monopoly capitalism feeds an ignorant peasant class that cannot afford any education without committing to a lifetime of slavery through endless student "loans." Free enterprise made free America. Monopoly capitalism is making an unfree America.

Our Constitution was written to protect the rights of PEOPLE-----not corporations. When the U. S. Supreme Court ruled that corporations should be given the same status as live human beings, those judges needed to engage "legal fiction" in order to achieve their desired result. Among lawyers, the term "legal fiction" is a code word that really means, "THEY LIED ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION!" The wealthy class bought themselves some judges----that's what it means. And the grant of "human" rights to lifeless corporations controlled by wealthy family dynasties was the pivotal event that now has deprived us of our own wealth and freedoms as a people. America now belongs to those few families who own the "Supreme" judges and the rest of us are their serfs, THEIR SLAVES!

I don't know how the rest of you can stand to live in this situation. But I have no intention of spending the rest of my time on earth with a NAZI jackboot across the back of my neck, without making a good account of myself. I WANT to be in their faces! And if their goons ever should kill me as they certainly did John Kennedy, then so be it! What can they ever do to me that they didn't already do to our LORD JESUS CHRIST? So as for me, GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!

America Appears To Be Getting Scuttled By The Banking Class

It appears to me that the bankers are merely wrapping up their robbery of the United States and that they are pulling the plug in our hull----to scuttle the American Titanic into a sea of chaos and trouble, if not outright tyranny, in order to make good their escape to "safer" places around our globe. Everything worth owning---ALL OF OUR PORTABLE NATIONAL WEALTH---ALREADY HAS BEEN RELOCATED OUTSIDE OF AMERICA BY THE BANKING CLASS. Our heavy industry is gone to China, etc. There isn't a single steel mill left within our borders. Our refineries are old and sub-standard. We can't produce steel or even enough fuel to fight a real war. Our only option would be nuclear. Now the mogul bankers can leave us in total disarray: we will be busy fighting each other over social issues, so as to discourage pursuit and prosecution of bankers in this country.

All we can try to do for now is to strip bankers of their grip on real estate and free title owners of the debt. Corpoate (collective) farms can be confiscated and their assets redistributed to local family farmers. We can wrestle back our country from the remaining domestic enemies and then get started rebuilding America. Hopefully we will NEVER make this "money and banking" mistake again. But after a breather, I say follow that money and those who robbed us of our national wealth, and bring them to justice----back here in front of the good Americans that they defrauded.

Who Hates The IRS?

The old saying goes that "Start out right and end up right." And of course the opposite also is true. But what about the latest events involving an angry, frustrated pilot who crashed his own plane into an IRS office building? Goodness, didn't anybody watch the 1981 movie, "Harry's War?"

Let's face facts. The IRS was begun at the same time in our history that the Federal Reserve Bank was established in 1913. The Federal Reserve System was intended to create a monetary system based entirely on debt, so that bankers would have total control of our wealth. And any monetary system bottomed on debt involves the payment of interest to the creditor. I n this case, interest is owed to the wealthy caste that owns most of the debt created by the Federal Reserve system. And the Federal income tax was intended for the sole purpose of collecting that interest from the new peasant slave caste. If you don't think you are a "peasant" then take stock of what you really own. If your house and car are mortgaged, then the banker owns both---not you. You are landless and that alone qualifies a "landed gentleman" to call you a peasant.

Over the years, crafty politicians have found innumerable reasons to add to your income tax burden. But the debt now owed because of the Federal Reserve slave mill is so astronomical as to boggle the mind. It never can be paid and we have all been shackled as indentured servants for all perpetuity.
At this point, the wealthy caste has such a grip on our economy and political institutions that our only real way of ever securing our personal freedoms again will be by armed revolution---that the elites may quickly convert into a stalemated civil war between the traditional ancestral heirs to the United States, pitted against the now formidable army of recent foreign invaders without entry permits---the illegal aliens who came here to sell drugs and scam government services----and the Afro-Asian-Hispanic gangs in most of our larger cities.

But what about the IRS that we started out talking about? Well, on January15, 1995, while speaking on "ABC This Week," Secretary of Treasury Robert Rubin defended the federal tax system in it ridiculous, confusing state because such a complicated tax system is so very useful for purposed of social engineering. Yes, that's right. The federal income tax is being used to manipulate the American people in the same manner cattle are manipulated on any other plantation. We are being treated as cattle by the elite oligarchy that now OWNS the United States empire. Do you know what is the most dangerous animal on any farm? It the Jersey bull----the male cattle. Cows don't enjoy manipulation either and if the farmer is careless they will gore him in the barnyard. That's what the software engineer did when he flew his plane into the IRS building. He was one frustrated head of "cattle" that simply couldn't take unnatural abuse and manipulation any longer.

It isn't any wonder that the software pilot behaved as he did. The wonder is that everyone else is so docile. The federal tax code has evolved into an oppressive instrument of slavery for the average American. We have lost our freedom to the bondage now imposed by a financial oligarch that owns everything worth owning in America. We have been reduced to landless peasants, and the only remaining vestige of our former estate is our continued 2nd Amendment Right to bear arms, and they are about to try taking that away too.

So I am not surprised that a normal software engineer would do as he did. The rest of us helped the IRS drive him to that point by not being out in our streets a long time ago demanding a return of our monetary freedom. Oh, you say that never would work? Well then, you have admitted the obvious, that this country has evolved into a tyrannical oligarchy. Our Constitution is fine. But our institutions have been captured by tyrants---domestic enemies---and there shouldn't be so many cowards afraid to defend our Constitution against domestic enemies.