Tuesday, July 26, 2011


 I was somewhat surprised when I first learned that President Obama was replacing Leon Panetta by appointing General David Petraeus as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.  The General obviously is qualified for the job, yet I never thought that Obama would choose an American Army General for anything but retirement.  At first I wondered, has there been a silent coup d’etat at the White House?  In reality, I simply did not know much about the General’s background, or I would have immediately known that it was business as usual.

Now I never would fault General Petraeus as a soldier.  He is as good as any Roman Consul ever was after the Roman Republic collapsed and became just another corrupt Imperial regime. Petraeus is hard nosed, determined, skilled as a soldier and totally loyal to those whom he now serves.  In his mind, the General may make no distinction between serving the interests of our monied elites and those of the common people who have been stripped of their wealth and freedoms by those same elites.  This is because his orientation was developed early in his career, he is very focused on success, and he perhaps has never stopped to compare our current system with those of Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.  He merely has been on track to accept life and his career as it has been handed to him.  Nevertheless, I persist in comparing him with a Roman consul, because that description best fits him today.

General Petraeus probably never noticed that he was groomed to serve those who now rule America.  As a young West Point graduate he could not have helped but attract the attention of powerful people—he was near the top of his class.  By graduating in 1974, Petraeus missed the opportunity to become an early combat veteran.  He entered the Army when our forces were in disarray and when they still were shocked by defeat in Viet Nam.  When Petraeus finally moved on to enhance his education with graduate degrees, he did so by attending the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University.

 Now the mind-set at Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs is about as far left as anyone could want to be.  The school is not famous for producing conservative talk-show hosts;  instead, it turns out cookie-cutter Mandarins that normally spend their entire careers serving the interests of our internationally minded financial elites.   In short, the Woodrow Wilson school is all about one-world government at the expense of American liberty and personal freedoms.

Americans instinctively trust our military to be “conservative” politically.   But any civilian tyrant would understand that and know to advance military officers who can be trusted by the capital cabal.  Those who are not trusted get “retired”,  as was General Stanley McCrystal, as was General Douglas MacArthur, and as was General George Patton.    These men, America’s most able soldiers,  were fired because they questioned politicians.  But others, like Generals  Alexander Haig and David Petraeus are examples of those who were groomed by political handlers to advance into power for the benefit of the economic elites—not for the common people. Our military is controlled by such men for the most part.  Why else don't our generals come to our aid when most decent Americans now yearn for outright rebellion against Washington?

       So don’t expect the good General Petraeus to rush to defend our freedoms against the elite domestic enemies of our people who now lord it over us.   He looks like a mere Imperial mandarin to me----a modern day Roman Consul----who could just as easily place his boot on our necks to suit his political bosses.