Friday, February 26, 2010


The government could shut off porn, etc in two seconds if it really cared about public mental/social health. But the social chaos generated is preferred, because then fewer people care what the government is doing to them. Can you pay for a carton of milk without having your mind sexually assaulted at the check-out stand? what about the children at that check-out stand. It isn't just the poo-poo in your "pooter", we are swimming in it! Judicial fraud allowed a 50 year toot, and 55 million murdered babies facilitate it, too. Social chaos has been the object, theft of our wealth by slight of hand has been the ultimate goal. Distract the people with sex and lift out wallets at the same time. Think about it. People who can't contol their labito usually won't control their wallets either. People who are actively promiscuous, almost never want to be bothered about Conservative political issues. People who are busy being single parents, or worrying about cheaing spouses, or their kids on drugs, or non-paid child support, rarely cause any problem for the tyrants who busy themselves with financial fraud in high places.

I applaud ANYONE with courage for saying something openly. Almost all of us have double personalities. We have the public personality that we use for survival in a hostile environment. This is the "sweetie-pie" presentation that we use everyday to prove that we are politically correct.

But then there is the normally repressed private self that often rages like a mad-man in secret. We know that it is insanity for our society and government to proceed in its current direction, but we ruthlessly suppress all indications of this secret passenger within.

The truth is that over the last year I have privately interviewed more than 1000 Americans, from every walk of life and from every State in the Union. NOT ONE OF THEM HAS INDICATED ANY continuing belief that we still have a free country, and half of them have blurted out indications that they would view civil war as a real relief for the nation. But publicly, we all keep our mouths shut because we have been cowed into cowardice by a national psych-operation that was intended for that purpose.

In every totalitarian system, the people have had their history stolen from them, their future is a lie, and they are expected by those in charge to merely keep quiet and exist in silence.

I was married for 14 years to a well-educated Russian. Three months into America, she suddenly blurted out, " You know, it is strange. There is more Communism in this country than we ever had in the Soviet Union. Yet everyone seems to think that it is normal." This "tip" launched my curiousity.

Today, I am married to a Ukrainian school teacher, who, not surprisingly, informed her mother in Ukraine, "Moma, they still have Communism in this country!"

My own research has revealed something a bit different, but perhaps more ominous. The tyrants have erected a Nazi-style corporate economic infrastructure that does closely resemble the communist system. A commune and a corporation are essentially identical organizations with different names. But the men behind all of this control our people with "Critical Theory," a blend of philosophies from Marx, Frued, De Sade, Nietzsche, Wilhelm Reich, and a few others. In other word, they don't control us with guns, they do it with our own genitals.

So, how should we Americans treat our own domestic tyranny? Well, I don't see any virtue in cowardice.