Friday, February 26, 2010


Anybody who thinks we still have "free enterprise" in America doesn't know what that term means. Most Americans assume that we have free enteprise merely because there are lots of big corporations selling us products. But that isn't free enterprise. In fact, America currently is dominated by corporate "monopoly capitalism" which is an antithesis of free enterprise. In other places, such an economic system has had other names: "corporate fuedalism," "Fascism," "Communism," etc. All of these systems involve capitalism, but it is monopoly capitalism----not free enterprise.

Monopoly still is illegal in this country, but anti-trust laws have become unenforced. The argument would be that Target, Fred Meyer, Wal-Mart, etc. all "compete" so that is free enterprise. But in reality they all are owned by the same people at the top. So who cares if five stores all "compete" when the same person owns them. That person has a monopoly and the competition is fictitious. Things are more complex than that of course. But through their corporate structures and bank financial arrangements, ownership of such enterprises in America is quite limited. Cabala's may be an "independent" enterprise, but if the bank owns most of the equity in that business, and has financed it big so that it alone can survive, then there is monopoly going on. The banker is the real party in interest.

In America today, if you would flip open the lids of all major corporations, you would see that almost all of the corporate board members in them sit on 5 or 6 other such boards, so that there is an inter-locking grid of corporate directors controlling virtually all of our corporate infrastructure. This means that at the top, about 3000 people have their names on everything worth owning. If there were diverse ownership of corporations, such a situation could not develop. Members of the board are elected by the majority stockholders. Such a massive interlocking grid of corporate directors can develop only if the same people always have the controlling interest in each corporation. And of course, that interlocking grid of directors allows price-fixing with impunity.

Then when you survey America today, you see the same, identical box stores in every city, town and village across our land. Those identical box stores now monopoize most of the retail busiess in America. And why are they always the same stores? Because the same monopolists own them. Those people have driven mom and pop out of their shops, and mom and pop now are forced to be greeters in the door of "da massa's" big store up "at dat house on da hill." Now we are all slaves of every color, and those who own us milk us for all that we are worth.

The only group with enough money to accomplish such massive corporate control in America would be the same families who also own control of the Federal Reserve Banks. So those families not only control the supply of money in our pockets, but they dictate how much we all are going to pay for everything we need. This isn't just a "company town," it is a "company nation." This is a national plantation with slaves of all colors.

Control of our money supply gave the banking class an endless supply of money that has been used to buy control of all of our country and us as well. This is what President Andrew Jackson warned Americans about in 1836, after he threw out the second group of central bank scammers in our nation's history. Yes, we already have had two hard experiences with the corrupt banking class, and now we have let it happen a third time.

After President Jackson saved the United States from monied tyranny the second time, it took our country only two generations to forget his words and the pain that we already had twice suffered. That banking class waited two generations and then came right back in through the door and set up shop a third time. This time nobody was looking until it was too late to stop the robbery without fighting them. John Kennedy issued an executive order in June, 1963, directing the Secretary of Treasury to once again start printing the old United States Notes(the real "greenback"), and large denomination Gold and Silver Certificates to the extent of those metals in Ft. Knox. This would have effectively destroyed the Federal Reserve Bank. Six months later he was dead.

The History Channel has correctly documented Kennedy's murder as a CIA and Secret Service operation. The editors also commented that such an operation could not have been carried out without the support of major banking and corporate leadership in America. Kennedy tried to stop the fraud and save our freedom, but they murdered him in short order.

Two months after Kennedy was gunned down, the Beatles were introduced and it has been one musical sex band after another. Our people have been distracted by the big toot that corporate America foisted upon us----while the bankers have been hurriedly picking our pockets. Now we are total debt slaves at almost every level of society. The criminal class now is running the "collection industry" for the bankers, and these have grabbed our people by the hair of their heads. We are being ruthlessly trashed as a nation. Sooner or later, our people will know exactly what it is that they should do about it, too.