Friday, February 26, 2010

Who Hates The IRS?

The old saying goes that "Start out right and end up right." And of course the opposite also is true. But what about the latest events involving an angry, frustrated pilot who crashed his own plane into an IRS office building? Goodness, didn't anybody watch the 1981 movie, "Harry's War?"

Let's face facts. The IRS was begun at the same time in our history that the Federal Reserve Bank was established in 1913. The Federal Reserve System was intended to create a monetary system based entirely on debt, so that bankers would have total control of our wealth. And any monetary system bottomed on debt involves the payment of interest to the creditor. I n this case, interest is owed to the wealthy caste that owns most of the debt created by the Federal Reserve system. And the Federal income tax was intended for the sole purpose of collecting that interest from the new peasant slave caste. If you don't think you are a "peasant" then take stock of what you really own. If your house and car are mortgaged, then the banker owns both---not you. You are landless and that alone qualifies a "landed gentleman" to call you a peasant.

Over the years, crafty politicians have found innumerable reasons to add to your income tax burden. But the debt now owed because of the Federal Reserve slave mill is so astronomical as to boggle the mind. It never can be paid and we have all been shackled as indentured servants for all perpetuity.
At this point, the wealthy caste has such a grip on our economy and political institutions that our only real way of ever securing our personal freedoms again will be by armed revolution---that the elites may quickly convert into a stalemated civil war between the traditional ancestral heirs to the United States, pitted against the now formidable army of recent foreign invaders without entry permits---the illegal aliens who came here to sell drugs and scam government services----and the Afro-Asian-Hispanic gangs in most of our larger cities.

But what about the IRS that we started out talking about? Well, on January15, 1995, while speaking on "ABC This Week," Secretary of Treasury Robert Rubin defended the federal tax system in it ridiculous, confusing state because such a complicated tax system is so very useful for purposed of social engineering. Yes, that's right. The federal income tax is being used to manipulate the American people in the same manner cattle are manipulated on any other plantation. We are being treated as cattle by the elite oligarchy that now OWNS the United States empire. Do you know what is the most dangerous animal on any farm? It the Jersey bull----the male cattle. Cows don't enjoy manipulation either and if the farmer is careless they will gore him in the barnyard. That's what the software engineer did when he flew his plane into the IRS building. He was one frustrated head of "cattle" that simply couldn't take unnatural abuse and manipulation any longer.

It isn't any wonder that the software pilot behaved as he did. The wonder is that everyone else is so docile. The federal tax code has evolved into an oppressive instrument of slavery for the average American. We have lost our freedom to the bondage now imposed by a financial oligarch that owns everything worth owning in America. We have been reduced to landless peasants, and the only remaining vestige of our former estate is our continued 2nd Amendment Right to bear arms, and they are about to try taking that away too.

So I am not surprised that a normal software engineer would do as he did. The rest of us helped the IRS drive him to that point by not being out in our streets a long time ago demanding a return of our monetary freedom. Oh, you say that never would work? Well then, you have admitted the obvious, that this country has evolved into a tyrannical oligarchy. Our Constitution is fine. But our institutions have been captured by tyrants---domestic enemies---and there shouldn't be so many cowards afraid to defend our Constitution against domestic enemies.