Friday, February 26, 2010


People, I am tired after honestly practicing law for 28 years, and what is there to show for my efforts? About ten years ago, I realized that all of my clients were human beings. I had no government or corporate clients. My clients were ordinary people. All of my income depended upon how much money THEY had in their pockets. And suddenly it occurred to me that they didn't have much money either. Yet America supposedly was a wealthy country. So where was all of the wealth going? It sure wasn't going into legal services for common people.

As an economist, it took only a little reflection for me to understand the reason for lack of funds on Main Street. As government has grown bigger, and monopoly capitalism has taken hold, there is a select class in our midst that does have a whole lot more to spend than normal people. Those are the folks who work for government and bigger corporations with some kind of coercive market power. Government and coercive corporations suck tremendous amounts of money out of our pockets every day---far more than they ever need. Those institutions then reward THEIR employees with a little of that money by giving them wall-to-wall health care, paid vacations and sick leave, life-long pensions, and the list goes on. They do this to reward those employees for helping them rob the rest of us. They take from us and give to theirs what the rest of us can no longer afford for ourselves. And so, after 28 years of being an honest lawyer, I see high school graduates enjoying all of the fruits of labor that was performed by the rest of us, even though some of us spent 20 years in school preparing to enter our fields.

Every economist knows that monopolies charge a lot more for their products and provide far fewer benefits for the population at large. In some respect, monopolies are more efficient, but mostly in that they merely maximize profits at the expense of their customers. This is one of the problems with monopoly capitalism.

At the other end of monopoly capitalism, there are the big box stores that deprive mom & pop shops of any livelihood. Wal-Mart buys a $0.15 item from Chinese slave factories and sells it to us for $15.00. And their employees stand during their staff meetings and chant such facts as if THEY were responsible for that profit. And the employees of such stores usually are paid barely enough to subsist on, usually without other benefits. I know---I have rescued a few of them from possible suicides when they needed bankruptcy to get away from vicious goons at collection firms. But these monopoly box stores merely suck up most of what is left in our pockets after their more powerful affiliates with coercive market power already have nearly drained us dry. These put ordinary small businesses onto bankruptcy and their former owners now must stand humiliated as "greeters" at the very same store that destroyed their lifetimes of hard, honest work.

Monopoly Capitalism is NOT free enterprise. It is corporate feudalism and it is the ABSOLUTE enemy of free enterprise. It destroys free enterprise----totally destroys it. Free enterprise supports an intelligent middle class in society that is an absolute necessity for any free society. Monopoly capitalism feeds an ignorant peasant class that cannot afford any education without committing to a lifetime of slavery through endless student "loans." Free enterprise made free America. Monopoly capitalism is making an unfree America.

Our Constitution was written to protect the rights of PEOPLE-----not corporations. When the U. S. Supreme Court ruled that corporations should be given the same status as live human beings, those judges needed to engage "legal fiction" in order to achieve their desired result. Among lawyers, the term "legal fiction" is a code word that really means, "THEY LIED ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION!" The wealthy class bought themselves some judges----that's what it means. And the grant of "human" rights to lifeless corporations controlled by wealthy family dynasties was the pivotal event that now has deprived us of our own wealth and freedoms as a people. America now belongs to those few families who own the "Supreme" judges and the rest of us are their serfs, THEIR SLAVES!

I don't know how the rest of you can stand to live in this situation. But I have no intention of spending the rest of my time on earth with a NAZI jackboot across the back of my neck, without making a good account of myself. I WANT to be in their faces! And if their goons ever should kill me as they certainly did John Kennedy, then so be it! What can they ever do to me that they didn't already do to our LORD JESUS CHRIST? So as for me, GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!