Friday, February 26, 2010

America Appears To Be Getting Scuttled By The Banking Class

It appears to me that the bankers are merely wrapping up their robbery of the United States and that they are pulling the plug in our hull----to scuttle the American Titanic into a sea of chaos and trouble, if not outright tyranny, in order to make good their escape to "safer" places around our globe. Everything worth owning---ALL OF OUR PORTABLE NATIONAL WEALTH---ALREADY HAS BEEN RELOCATED OUTSIDE OF AMERICA BY THE BANKING CLASS. Our heavy industry is gone to China, etc. There isn't a single steel mill left within our borders. Our refineries are old and sub-standard. We can't produce steel or even enough fuel to fight a real war. Our only option would be nuclear. Now the mogul bankers can leave us in total disarray: we will be busy fighting each other over social issues, so as to discourage pursuit and prosecution of bankers in this country.

All we can try to do for now is to strip bankers of their grip on real estate and free title owners of the debt. Corpoate (collective) farms can be confiscated and their assets redistributed to local family farmers. We can wrestle back our country from the remaining domestic enemies and then get started rebuilding America. Hopefully we will NEVER make this "money and banking" mistake again. But after a breather, I say follow that money and those who robbed us of our national wealth, and bring them to justice----back here in front of the good Americans that they defrauded.